A family-style banquet with good friends, good cheer, and beautifully presented food comprised the scene of the March LPTR General Meeting and Potluck. The culinary review team was overwhelmed with the appeal of the meal, both visually and through the taste buds. Scrumptious entrees of tender chicken perfectly cooked in a bed of brown rice, layers of lasagne, home-style chile, and meatloaf were tasteful sensations


Decorative fruit salads cut to precision and placed in geometric designs stood side by side with traditional greenery.

The deserts defied the limits of imagination and included pear trifle, easter eggs wrapped in colorful foil, and a lemon meringue cake that flowed with style and grace. All washed down with the drink of the evening, a mango-orange combo. Everyone described the meal as a gourmet dinner and were thankful for the care and thoughtfulness that had gone into the preparation of each dish.

(-- Lamsey Divey)

I just love, love, love potlucks! Always a surprise with wonderful aromas, scumptous dishes, and beautiful presentations. Ah, so much food, so little the plate!

The LPTR event in March was no exception. Tables were ready for the guests, who arrived with bags and boxes containing treasures. Greeting old friends, meeting new ones as the food is placed on the serving table. It was nicely arranged, with main dishes (like lasagna, chicken, chili, meatloaf), veggies (salads, potatoes), and, of course, dessert (cookies, cake, trifle).

One must not appear too greedy while trying to take a bit of everything (yes, there’s always seconds, but will it still be there? Ummmm).

Everything was absolutely delicious. However, there was one dish that wasn’t at all what it appeared to be. Thinking I was getting a carrot and potato veggie dish, I collected a spoonful and put it on my plate. As I was enjoying my dinner, I decided to fork up a bit of it. Wow! That was NOT what I was expecting!

Someone had short-changed his horse! It was carrots and APPLES. Interesting. And the sweet taste of the “juice.” Hum. Definitely not sugar. Not brown sugar – close, though. Molasses? No way, not that sweet. What was it? How about maple syrup. Yes! Well, sort of. Something else very interesting to it. Sweet and sour, kinda. Not lemon, but lime. Yes! That’s it. Oh, my. That was definitely worth seconds. Seems the carrots were cooked first then the apples added at the last minute to keep them from getting too soft.

This potluck was definitely a five-carrot rating!

That’s a wrap-up until the next potluck – wherever it may be, we’ll be there! (And I might even run the table in reverse – eat dessert first!)

Your hungry reviewer

Maresy Dotes